HYBRID SEO Marketing

Hybrid Local SEO

The next evolution of local search engine marketing.

A New Hybrid Approach to Local SEO

The internet is becoming crowded, congested, and competitive.

With so many businesses vying for attention online today, it’s no surprise that the coveted search result spots at the top are becoming increasingly difficult to be listed in. Traditional¬† local SEO strategies are becoming less effective AND requiring more time to obtain results.

Hybrid Local SEO is a forward thinking solution that significantly speeds up results without taking shortcuts. Hybrid Local SEO combines traditional SEO, PPC, and other marketing channels that deliver immediate sales, while concurrently establishing a solid organic online presence and future-proof brand.

Like many challenges in life, a new approach can significantly change the outcome. In local marketing… that new approach is Hybrid Local SEO.

What is Hybrid Local SEO?

Hybrid Local SEO is the next evolution of search engine marketing. It is the merging of traditional and forward-thinking online marketing practices into one comprehensive strategy that delivers prompt results for businesses even in congested or competitive industries. It removes restrictions on what marketing channels are available and offers more flexibility in campaign management.

How does Hybrid Local SEO Work?

The best demonstration of Hybrid Local SEO is the case study documenting a small local tow truck company’s two month campaign.

(View Hybrid Local SEO Case Study)

Hybrid Local SEO takes all of the traditional steps that businesses have been implementing with local search engine marketing, such as optimizing their GMB page, website, location pages, local citation and link building strategies, then builds upon it by integrating a paid campaign strategy to complement and supplement what is being done organically online. The goal (and the advantage) of this hybrid approach is to achieve quicker results for local businesses, to be able to build their local presence without feeling rushed, and to reach out beyond their local area to neighboring cities, towns, and zip codes.

Hybrid Local SEO not only levels the playing field, but expands it as well.

What Are the Benefits of Hybrid Local SEO?

The main benefit is the ability to get immediate leads and sales without having to wait for organic SEO results. By producing revenue early, a business will be able to gain profits quickly and then build the business’s organic presence without the same urgency or pressure that is experienced when more money is going out than coming in.

Hybrid Local SEO is ideal for businesses who want long term growth in their local market but need a quick burst of traffic and business.

How Can Hybrid Local SEO Help Your Company?

The Hybrid Local SEO strategy works best for companies that aren’t seeing results from their traditional SEO campaigns, or startups that need visibility quick. The Hybrid Local SEO process involves a variety of steps over the short, medium and long term to get businesses results.

To be clear, it’s not a shortcut, but rather a VIP pass to go to the front of the line without rudely cutting in. A Hybrid approach allows the business to enter the scene competitively while still developing a strong local SEO strategy over time.

Does Hybrid Local SEO Cost More Than Traditional Local SEO?

Hybrid Local SEO is actually more cost effective. A company is able to reach more prospects for less money than a traditional Local SEO alone. Local SEO by itself may appear cheaper because it does not have the “pay for leads” component, but without leads and sales early on, it’s only money going out and none coming in.

How Does a Hybrid Local SEO Campaign Work?

Campaigns for Hybrid Local SEO vary from business to business and market to market, so Hybrid Local SEO campaigns look different from one another. A Hybrid Local SEO strategy is based on integrating paid promotions into a comprehensive local search engine marketing campaign created with your business’s goals in mind. Hybrid Local SEO can incorporate Google Adwords, Facebook Ads and promotions, PR, and maybe ads running through Google Display Network to help you get more visibility and impressions than what would be possible on a localized level alone. Hybrid Local SEO also incorporates a digital marketing strategy to complement the traditional local search engine marketing practices being done on your business’s website, Google My Business page or Yelp profile pages for example. Hybrid Local SEO also often overlaps with other digital marketing strategies like social media and PR depending on the goals and needs of the business.

What Hybrid Local SEO Strategies Should a Business Adopt?

Hybrid Local SEO can be used on any type of business and in any market, regardless of the business’s size. Hybrid Local SEO is customized to meet the needs of your company based on your goals, which includes ensuring that your strategy fits into Hybrid Local SEO best practices for local marketing. Hybrid Local SEO is really a concept that can be applied to almost any business, regardless of what industry they are in. Hybrid Local SEO examples include local plumbers and electricians who are trying to get new customers, retail stores looking for more traffic, restaurants who want to attract diners and so on. Hybrid Local SEO will help businesses grow their lead pipeline with an online presence that is enhanced through paid campaigns to generate more traffic and views. Hybrid Local SEO can also be used to increase brand awareness, drive more local search results views, as well as expand a business’s reach from a local level into a massive digital marketing campaign.

Hybrid Local SEO is ideal for any company looking to reach new prospects with a short term strategy that has long term benefits.

What Hybrid Local SEO is Not:

Hybrid Local SEO does not rely on outdated techniques or methods, like building citations just to build them, or keyword stuffing GMB descriptions, or creating Google and Maps ads with no strategy or integrations. Hybrid Local SEO is not a short cut in terms of work, but rather a shortcut in terms of results. It requires regular and extensive evaluation, including website analytics, Google Ads analytics, local keyword reports, industry and competitor statistics, social media analytics, local trend reports, technical SEO, and so much more because of its integrative nature. Hybrid Local SEO is not a simple or quick fix; it is about creating a comprehensive strategy and understanding each and every component of it. It is about having a plan that will deliver instant results while still building a strong brands over time.

What is an Example of a Hybrid Local SEO Campaign?

A Hybrid Local SEO Campaign utilizes and combines numerous lead generation and digital marketing components to achieve the best possible results for a local business in the least amount of time.

Follow our real time Hybrid Local SEO Case Study to learn more and gain insights and tips you can apply to your own business.