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Hybrid SEO For Doctors

Hybrid SEO For Doctors


In this case study we share how with quality content and HYBRID SEO we were able to rank a doctor’s website service page on the first page of Google in postion one in three weeks.

This page now serves as a high-performing-lead-generating new patient appointment “funnel” that consistently brings in new patients on a regular basis. 

Preferred Foot & Ankle has seen a 24% increase in new patient appointments by month 3.


Increase new appointments by 20% for patients with complaints of heel pain. 


Build a well researched and well written page on heel pain and “heel pain doctors”, and rank it in the top three on Google. This page will serve as a valuable resource for anyone looking to learn more about heel pain and the different types of doctors that treat it.

The ultimate goal for this page is to serve as a means for local patients to find and schedule an appointment with Preferred Foot & Ankle.

Let's Make it Interesting

Most case studies are put together after the results are achieved.

That’s understandable since many marketing agencies use case studies as proof that they have been able to achieve these results before and so therefore can do the same again.

We approached this as more of an actual case study. Win or lose, we’re going to document our journey as we go and “study” the process and results.

We began with establishing our starting point, stated what we aimed to accomplish, and set a self-imposed time limit on how long it was going to take to achieve the results we were aiming for. 

Video Documentation

The following videos were recorded as live screenshots to document each milestone. The first 2 are snippets from the original longer videos that can be found here at the bottom of this page.

Day #1 Video (Snippet)

In this video snippet we set our baseline and go over our objective.

Current page visibility status for our page at this point was nonexistant.

Day #4 Video (Snippet)

In this video snippet we show a live search of where we’re at on day 4.

Current page visibility status at this point is position #6 on page 1.

Day #20 Video

In this video we show a live search of where we’re at on day 20.

Current page visibility status at this point is position #1 on page 1.


Our target page (Heel Pain Doctors Gilbert) was created, SEO’d, and launched on October 22, 2021. Our challenge we gave ourselves was to get this page to rank in the top 3 in 2 months or less.

Day 1 – Launched target page. Page is nowhere to be found on Google for our search term, “heel pain doctors gilbert”.

Day 4 – Target page comes up on page 1 in postion 6 for “heel pain doctors gilbert”. 

Day 20 – Target page comes up on page 1 in postion 1 for “heel pain doctors gilbert”. 


The 5 main components to this campaign are:

  1. A well researched and comprehensive piece of content (Our “Heel Pain” page)
  2. Google Ads directing traffic to our page
  3. Facebook Ads directing traffic to our page
  4. Schema, on page innerlinks and onsite innerlinks
  5. Conversion optimization


To prepare for this case study we have:

  • The written content
  • A page url (had existing content but was thin and unfocused)
  • Images and videos we plan on using 
  • Our goal defined 
  • Analytics and reporting tools hooked up

The Winning Recipe

Comprehensive & Authoritative Content

It all starts with content. The importance of good content cannot be understated. If you have the most informative and useful article on a particular topic, it will eventually climb up the ladder with just organic SEO.

With Hybrid SEO we are just speeding up that process.

(See our live page here: Heel Pain Doctors Gilbert)

Important considerations:

  • 1000 words or more (this article has 3,841 words).
  • Table of Contents for better user experience (especially for long pages like this one).
  • Page title (h1) and SEO meta based on target keyword (Heel Pain doctors Gilbert)
  • Well researched content with statistics sprinkled in.
  • Limited or no stock images. Some stock images are fine, but the more real pictures you can use the better. We have tested this and concluded real pictures improve user egagement and Google rankings.
  • Quotes from the expert, especially for medical or legal pages. The expert in this case was a “heel pain doctor”.
  • Brief bios of the doctors at the bottom of the page. We have tested this too and have concluded this increases Google’s E.A.T. algorithm signals (Expertise, Authority, and Trust).

Google Ads Running Traffic & Leads to the Page

The intention here is to generate “paid” traffic to our target page to expedite our organic visibility. 

Google Ads Screenshot For Hybrid Seo Case Study
Hybrid SEO Google Ads screenshot

Facebook Ads Running Traffic & Leads to the Page

We have created 4 different Facebook ads, each sending traffic to a different section of the page (created with section and title IDs).

With works exceptionally well, particularily for longer articles, because you are able to:

  1. Provide your reader with the exact info they are looking for by sending them to a specific section of your article that answers a specific question, and
  2. Incur some keyword rich inner page links to help with SEO.

As examples, here are some of the on page links that we created for our Facebook campaigns.

When Should You See a Doctor For Heel Pain?https://www.preferredfootankle.com/foot-conditions/heel-pain/#when-to-see-heel-pain-doctor
What Types of Doctors Treat Heel Pain?https://www.preferredfootankle.com/foot-conditions/heel-pain/#types-of-heel-pain-doctors
When to See a Specialist for Heel Painhttps://www.preferredfootankle.com/foot-conditions/heel-pain/#heel-pain-specialist
Plantar Fasciitis FAQhttps://www.preferredfootankle.com/foot-conditions/heel-pain/#plantar-fasciitis-faq
Family Physicianhttps://www.preferredfootankle.com/foot-conditions/heel-pain/#family-physician
Physical Therapisthttps://www.preferredfootankle.com/foot-conditions/heel-pain/#physical-therapist
What Will a Podiatrist Do For Heel Painhttps://www.preferredfootankle.com/foot-conditions/heel-pain/#podiatrist-for-heel-pain
Facebook Ads Report Mobile
Facebook Ads Mobile Ad
Facebook Ads Mobile Ad Preview
FB Campaign Optimized

Schema and Onpage and Onsite Innerlinks

Schema added November 17, 2021.


Google Rich Snippets Test Screen
Rich Results Test Google Search Console

Conversion Optimization

Added Microsoft Clarity